4 Simple Health Tips for Women


Health is wealth. Isn’t it? If there is one common thing which majority of the masses want apart from wealth it is to have a good health and a long life without any diseases. In this article, we have listed out simple health tips for women.

Here we have listed some of the simple health tips for women:

Good sleep a key to healthy life: Even after hitting the bed we tend to check out messages on our phone or keep doing some or the other things. Those who do not have a proper sleep are more prone to psychological problems and even heart diseases too. So it is always advisable to have 6-8 hours of sound and uninterrupted sleep.

You can have the food you like: When people turn health conscious they cut down many foods including their favourite ones. You need not always cut down your favourite food. You can always have the chocolate late you love or a pizza or a glass of wine too. Limitation is the key here. Do not overindulge in your favourite food. You can have your favourite once in a while instead of totally cutting it down.

Beat your stress: Stress to a certain extent is good for us as it brings out the real potential within us. But if that crosses a certain threshold stress becomes distress. Indulge yourself in activities which will help you de-stress. Join a yoga class or go to aerobics. For housewives, you can have a terrace garden and love watering plants. These are some of the best activities to reduce stress.

Combine your exercises along with cardio: Regular exercises can keep all sorts of diseases at bay. Women are more prone to osteoporosis or brittle bone disease. So make your diet in such a way that you have the necessary calcium intake to supplement your bone strength. Along with cardio women need weight-bearing exercises too.




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