Relieve your headache and eye strain with Acupressure


Have you all heard of the age-old technique of relieving disorders with a simple to step of applying pressure to a particular point in our body? Yes by applying sensible pressure for a few seconds over the points that lie along the meridians or channel of the body you can get rid of the pain with ease. Called as acupressure therapy, it relies on applying sensible pressure to get rid of pains and other problems.

Based on the pain the pressure will be extended to a couple of minutes and then released. Instead of relying on tablets which come with side effects, you can relive your everyday problems like a headache and eye strain.

How to relieve a headache with acupressure?

The point positioned in between the fleshy regions of the thumb and index finger is the key point where you need to apply pressure to relieve a headache. You must choose the highest spot the muscle when you bring both your thumb and the index finger together. Once you choose the spot, press it and massage the point for few minutes. Repeat the same on the other hand too. Avoid this remedy if you are pregnant. If you are suffering from problems like arthritis, toothaches, neck pain and shoulder pain you can try this remedy.

A remedy for eye strain:

We all know the third eye point. This point is the ideal point for many of our everyday problems like eye strain and stress can be relieved. Using your middle finger, gently press on the third eye point for over one minute and release. Do this whenever you are stressed out and have a hectic day at the office. It will help ease the symptoms of other disorders like chronic fatigue and insomnia too.

While apply pressure on the spots be gentle and do not exert overpressure. As you apply the pressure, inhale and exhale deeply and calmly.


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