2 Wonderful Remedies for Anxiety disorder


With an intention to complete our work and tasks within deadline it is common for any to get stressed. While stress is good it becomes a negative factor after it crosses a certain extent.

For example, due to laziness and lack of interest, we would not have started to work on an assignment given to us by our superior at the office. But we would certainly start working on it for the fear that we will be taken to task for not finishing the work in time. Assume the same situation where the superior keeps on pressurizing you and you are not able to complete the work then it turns into anxiety. You will be completely be occupied by fear and your productivity will drop by a great extent.

Even though there are medications for coping with stress and anxiety, they come with side effects. Here two wonderful remedies for anxiety disorder.

  • Meditation – There is no other remedy as good as meditation. It not only helps you handle stress but improves your wellness and alleviates your mood in such a way that you will even feel full energetic. To begin with, just close your eye and concentrate only your breathing. In the process, there might be other thoughts which will come as a flash and try to occupy your mind. Just try to focus on breathing and push away other thoughts. Take the help of an expert who will help you scale the heights in this ancient technique.
  • Uninterrupted Sleep- Experts advice 6-8 hours of sound sleep. But how many of us are getting that much amount of sleep. We wake in the middle of our sleep to check emails and messages. We stay glued to our smartphones and laptops which will only kill time. Inadequate sleep is the root cause of many ailments and it directly affects your productivity at your workplace. So better have a good sleep and beat the stress and anxiety.

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