Clove: A small wonder


By Vincent Arthur :

Clove, the beautiful brown flower buds with a distinctive aroma and taste. It has been a part of cuisines all over the world especially in Asian countries. Native to Indonesia, cloves are pale flower buds, which later turns green and finally develops as a bright brown clove bud. Once these buds reach a length of 1.5 – 2 centimeters, they are harvested. Cloves are used since ages to flavour our food and it is secretly improving our health.

Eugenol in clove, one of its health benefitting oils is a phenyl propanoid class of chemical compound, is the reason for the pleasant sweet aromatic fragrance in clove. Along with the antioxides and antiseptic values, clove is also used as a local anesthetic, anti- inflammatory, and carminative agent. Tannis present in clove is a natural painkiller without the side effects of a chemical based tablet.

Clove is a treasure for maintaining health of tooth, be it for bad breath, tooth ache or cavities. This small wonder has many more medicinal qualities than we realise, apart from being nature’s dentist. Clove is used for treating bad breath , to fight cavities or for relieving tooth ache.

Clove is good for your gut as well. It aids digestion by increasing gastro-intestinal enzymes secretions. This also relives indigestion and constipation problems. Clove is very efficient in providing relief from cold and sore throat.

Vital minerals such as potassium, manganese, iron, selenium and magnesium are also found in clove. Potassium is an important electrolyte of cell and body rate fluids, it helps control heart rate and blood pressure.  The body as a co-factor for the antioxidant enzyme, Superoxide Dismutase, uses manganese. Vitamin A, in clove is required by our body to maintain healthy mucus membranes, which also improves our vision.

Food rich in flavonoids protects the body from lung and oral cavity cancers. Vitamin C in clove develops resistance against infectious agents. Clove also contains vitamin K. B6, and B1 are essential for our healthy well being.

It is readily available in our kitchen so why not reap the benefits of this little small wonder of nature.



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