How can you get away from Computer Vision Syndrome ?


Cut the glare. By changing the lighting around, you can decrease the impact on your PC screen. On the off chance that light from a close-by window throws a glare, move your screen and close the shades. You can even place a request to your official management to have a dimmer switch for the overhead installations. If possible you can buy a work area light which has a movable shade capable of throwing light equally on your work area. You can even add a glare channel to your screen.

Improve your work area: One of the best position for your computer screen is beneath your eye level. Around 20-28 inches far from your face will the right position. You need not extend your neck or even strain your eyes to look at the screen. When you have something to write down, adjust your chair so that you need not gaze toward the screen and withdraw at the work area while you write.

Offer your eyes a reprieve: Take after the 20-20-20 run the show. At regular intervals take a break and turn your eyes from your screen. Have a look at the peaceful greens around your office which is at a distance of say 20 feet away for about 20 seconds. Flicker frequently to keep your eyes soggy. In the event that they feel dry, attempt some eye drops.

Change your settings: You need not continue with the default settings of your computer. As you use the system you will know what suits you better. Be it the glare, the text size and position of screen can be adjusted to suit you.

Along with these ensure that your have routine eye check ups. Visit your eye specialist and stay up with the latest. Discuss with him if you have any issues. He may suggest a glass based on the amount of time you spend before computers. He may suggest a solitary or bifocal focal point, or tinted focal point material to support differentiation and sift through glare.


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