Imperative reasons to drink water every single day


Water is crucial for survival. Apart from the fact that we would literally die without water, there are many other crucial reasons for which you have to drink water frequently. The long-term effects of drinking enough water every single day can affect you in many ways which you would not have dreamt of.

Let us know what happens to your body when do not supply it with water every day:

It all begins with milder symptoms. Sleepiness, fatigue, headache, and tiredness are all mild symptoms of not drinking water regularly. You could feel anyone of these symptoms or even all of them together is your water intake is not enough.

Constipation: If you are wondering why you are finding it difficult to push out the excreta then check the amount of water you drink. Just like machines which needs lubrication and oil to make the engine run smoothly, body too required an adequate amount of water. If you are not supplying it with adequate water then you are just hampering the digestive functions and ultimately suffer from constipation.

Muscle cramps, pain in the joints, dizziness, irritability, increased anxiety levels are some of the other mild symptoms.

Here are the severe symptoms which are also called as the go get admitted in the hospital signs:

Low blood pressure associated with rapid heartbeat, vomiting, diarrhea, unconsciousness, Delirium and high fever are some of the other severe symptoms which could cost your life as it could lead to coma and death.

You might think that you do not drink much water and you have not yet started experiencing the mild and severe symptoms. If that is your perception then you may have to change it immediately as not drinking adequate water for long period of time will start showing its symptoms when it crosses a certain threshold.

Experts advise drinking at least five liters of water every day. Follow this and stay healthy.


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