Shed those extra pounds by drinking hot water


You need not be a personal trainer or a nutritionist to know that the basic formula to increase weight loss is to just increase your activity level. Although exercise will make you stronger and will boost the metabolism, it is your dietary habits which will have a greater effect on your waistline.

“Eat a little less and move a little more” is easy said than done. If there is one way to lose weight with little effort it is by drinking hot water.

We all are addicted to having a cup of tea or coffee first thing in the morning. We all believe that this helps us to be fresh all through the day. For some, it could be the case but certainly not if you are planning to shed all those extra pounds. If you are really aiming to lose weight then you must be grabbing a glass of hot water and have it first thing in the morning as it will help weight loss.

By drinking hot water you are breaking down adipose tissue popularly called as the body fat. If you do not like the plain hot water, squeeze half a lemon into this and have. The main advantage of having warm water with lemon is that it will help you control food craving. Lemon’s pectin fibre helps control food craving.

By increasing the body temperature, warm water increases the metabolic rate in the body. An increased metabolic rate allows the body to burn more calories in the body. It improves digestion and helps the gastrointestinal tract to function better.


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