Why you should not eat late at night?


Of the common suggestions to stay slim and healthy, experts keep stressing on the need to stop eating late at night. Why so? Why do the experts suggest people to restrain from having food late at night? Lets us know the answer in this article.

Many people for various reasons find themselves eating late at night. They indulge in this even if they are not really hungry. Do you know that by eating late at night you end up gaining more calories than you need ultimately leading to weight gain?

By eating late at night you are overburdening your organs especially liver. This abuse of liver when continues for long, you may have to suffer in your old ages. That’s why experts insist on even going to bed without food after 8 pm but not overburden it.

They recall the old age adage, “Breakfast like a king, lunch your lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper”. While you have to eat very light food for dinner, you should ensure that you are having your last meal of the day at least one to two hours before you go to bed.

Also, those who skip their lunch try to overload during dinner. Never repeat this as this isn’t any good for your body. If you skip your meal load up with fruits and vegetables. This way you can avoid overeating when you finally sit to eat. When we are fast for over 12 hours, our body generally craves for more fattening foods to load up more calories.

Studies have confirmed that when you consume food late at night anywhere from after dinner to outside your typical sleep/wake cycle, the body is more likely to gain weight rather than burn it as energy.


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