Why Must You Always Choose A Full Helmet While Riding?


In case of a fall or accident, only a full helmet can only prevent damage to the face, brain and the nerves. Half helmets can lead to severe facio-maxillary injuries with an indirect impact on the brain.

 Bangalore, Jan 10:   The thrill of riding high-end bikes might give you that much-needed satisfaction, but when it comes to the safety aspect, there are a very few of them who really pay attention. Riding bikes without helmets or using half helmets just for namesake can lead to irreparable damage to the head, nerves, face and the jaws.

The recent circular issued by the Karnataka Government putting a ban on the use of half helmet (in Bangalore & Mysore) starting from Feb 1, 2018, might bring a bit of chaos, as people need to go on checking for a full covered helmet now. However, all said and done, but this can help prevent head injuries, death and life-long disabilities.

In case of a fall or an accident, using half helmets can pose a great danger not just for the facial structure, brain and the nerves but it could also lead to severe facio-maxillary injuries with an indirect impact on the brain.

Commenting on the importance of wearing a full helmet, Founder & Chief Neurosurgeon Dr Venkataramana NK, Brains Neuro Spine Centre, said “Helmets has been proved to reduce the severity of head injury and absolutely life saving as proved scientifically. A proper design of the helmet and covering the head as well as the face and proper wearing of a helmet will only be giving the right result.”

“Half helmets will certainly not protect. The moment a person falls the helmet will get dislodged from the head. This will have a serious impact on the face and will directly get transmitted to the brain as well so we need to protect the head as well as the face so that we avoid direct facio-maxillary injuries as well as indirect injury to the brain” he further stressed.

Dr Venkataramana said “Wearing proper helmet will reduce the fracture of the skull, reduce the severity of brain injury and protect you from becoming unconscious when there is a fall and helps to avoid life-threatening injuries. Also, a helmet reduces the possibility of neurological and psychological disabilities by 30-40 % and the length of the hospital stay by 20-40 % which in turn curtails medical expenses by 25-30%.”

One must understand that road traffic accident is the leading cause of death among people who are considered to be the most productive age group. Of the total, about 35-45% of the accidents comprises of just two-wheelers. Studies have shown that wearing a proper helmet reduces the severity of head injuries by about 50% and helps protect the skull fracture by about 15-20%.

As the saying goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure’ hence, adhering to the rules and making it a point to use a full helmet is a must.

According to the Bangalore City Traffic Police, the number of road traffic accidents are as follows:

Year    No. of road accident cases
2013    –  5230
2014    –  5004
2015    –  4828
2016    – 7506
2017   –  5065



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