Indian Medical Association to go no Padayatra for the cause of Mahadayi


Demanding the intervention of Congress vice-president Mr Rahul Gandhi to resolve the Mahadayi river dispute between the state of Karnataka and Goa, Indian Medical Association (Karnataka State Branch) will start Padayatra from Bengaluru to Nargund from Feb 18th.

On this matter, Dr H N Ravidra, president of Indian Medical Association has written a letter addressed to Rahul Gandhi.

“We are proud about the contribution from Pandit Neharuji, Smt.Indiraji, Shastriji and Sri. Rajeev Gandhiji in constructing the post Independent India by identifying and involving Sam Pitroda, Manmohan Singh ji and other great scholars, Economists, Scientists and other visionaries in an effective manner” said Dr Ravindra and added “But, as a common man, as a doctor and as a responsible citizen of this country, I was observing every day in the media about the agitation of the farmers of the Belagavi for drinking water. Isn’t it annoying that, even after 75 years of independence, our farmers are still agitating for drinking water? I wonder in which era are we living and what makes this simple fact difficult to understand for the politicians who are at the helm of affairs”.

“The then Prime Minister Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji, after knowing and considering the pros and cons of the request from the then Chief Minister, Sri S M Krishna Ji of Karnataka govt for granting Kalasa- Banduri project for drinking water, had given approval for the same in 2002. In this way, both the National parties shown that, they were having empathy towards the farmers seeking drinking water. Now, it’s your good self’s turn to show the real concern for my farmers by convincing the Goa and Maharastra Congress parties” he added.

He requested Mr Rahul Gandhi to talk with the leaders of the respective states to empathise the farmers of Mahadayee belt by thinking, they are also belongs to the same nation. Though the dispute is in the tribunal, the Hon. tribunal in it’s interim order has given an opportunity to settle the matter outside the court.

Please note that we require only 7.56 TMC of water out of 200 TMC of the water joining the ocean. I request your good self to convene a meeting of all Indian National Congress party leaders of Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra and resolve the issue at the earliest, Dr Ravindra wrote in his letter.

For the very purpose we are doing “PADAYATRA” from Bengaluru to Nargund from 18th Feb2018 to bring the severity of the issue and to say that, we the educated sector are also with our farmers those who are seeking drinking water, he added.


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