Neem flowers, a good solution for weight loss


By Aknisree Karthik :

Ayurvedic experts say that medicinal properties hidden in neem tree are innumerable. Neem leaves have been traditionally used in various medicines since time immemorial. Neem tree belongs to the mahagony family and is native to India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

If we start to list out the medicinal benefits we can derive from neem, the list will never end. Because of the healing versatility and medicinal nature, neem is called as “village pharmacy” and “sarva roga nivarini(curer of all ailments)”.

The flowers of neem tree are not an exception. Ayurvedic experts say neem flowers aids weight-loss. Even today, in many traditional households across India, a special ‘rasam’(South-Indian soup) is prepared using neem flowers. The flowers have the capacity to flush out all toxic elements in the body.

Neem flower when taken with honey and lemon helps in weight-loss by breaking down fat. The procedure is very simple. All you need for this is some neem flowers, fresh lemon and pure honey.

Take about 15-20 neem flowers in your palm. Gently crush the neem flowers in your palm. Squeeze half a lemon over the neem flowers. Mix them well. Add a teaspoon of honey into this. Mix the ingredients well and lick the portion.

You should have it first in the morning on empty stomach after brushing your teeth. The other thing you should remember while following this method is that you should not have anything at least for half an hour after having this mixture. Try to cut down the intake of coffee or tea. For better results, have a brisk walk for about 15-20 minutes after having the mixture.

When neem flowers and honey combine, they have the capacity to bring down impact of citric acid present in lemon juice. This mixture improves the metabolic rate and acts on excess accumulated fat in the body. Regular consumption of this mixture improves digestion. For all those who are fed up with routine fat loss methods, this mixture will be a good solution. The added advantage is the taste. Adding honey to this mixture gives it a different taste.


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