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We all have read enough about the dangers of getting too little sleep. So a common misconception prevails among the masses that sleeping more (oversleep) is really good for the health. Even you might have thought this way and would have slept for long hours.

Like our elders say too much of anything is not good for us. Of late sleep is one of the fields which is researched a lot and every new research digs out some things which we really did not know about sleep.

It is known fact that during sleep our body recuperates, repairs and restores itself. So giving very little time to sleep can lead to a lot of health problems. You cannot really jump the gun and apply the same logic and say that sleeping more will heal your body to a great extent and you can be done away with your body repairs.

Studies on oversleep have exposed that spending lot of time on bed could lead to health hazards and worsen existing health disorders. Before we could proceed any further let us know what is considered as oversleep. A normal human being needs six to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep and that range is considered the benchmark. So anything which crossed this threshold is considered as oversleep.

What are the health impacts of oversleep ?

Impaired brain function: Sleep plays crucial role in clearing waste byproducts from the brain and balances neurotransmitters. When you oversleep, you are disturbing this process and it affects the mental health.

Depression: Experts argue that oversleeping is a potential symptom of depression. People who indulged in oversleeping were affected with worse mental health.

Impaired Fertility: Women who sleep for seven to eight hours have the best chances of conceiving when compared with the ones who overslept. Study authors cited that women who slept for more than nine hours were affecting their circadian cycles, affecting hormones and impairing fertility.


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