Parivrtta Sthiti Practice


Parivrtta Sthiti or Lateral Extension are normally known as turns or winds. Turns animate the Organs of Elimination and additionally the Organs of Reproduction and help to keep the inward organs in their place alongside fighting instinctive fat. Do turns incitement your interior organs as well as make space between the vertebrae of your spine so your vitality can stream.


  1. Begin by sitting in an agreeable position to serenade Pranava “OM” three times. In the wake of droning “OM” makes an aim for your practice. Your expectation could be something individual like an objective or self attestation or possibly you need to express gratefulness or even you could commit your practice to somebody you know who could utilize somewhat additional adoration.
  2. Adho Mukha Svanasana – Downward Facing Dog Pose: Have your feet hips width separated and in addition parallel to each other and move your heels back and down. Hands are shoulder width, spread your fingers wide separated, have your palms level, press into the stack of your fingertips. Achieve your external arms down and protract the internal arms from the focal point of the trunk. Stretch the sides of the storage compartment make more space from your armpits to your hips. Lift your sits bones high, extend well your external knee tendons and lift your kneecaps up by stacking and lifting the quadriceps. Unwind your head and inhale, hold the stance for one moment.
  3. Parivrtta Parsvakonasana Preperation – Revolved Extended Side Angel Pose Preparation: Have both your legs at 90º holy messenger with the back leg’s knee set straightforwardly under the hip and the front leg’s foot specifically under the knee. Squeeze well the back leg shin, top of the foot and toe nails down, press well the front leg’s foot particularly the huge toe hill and inward heel. When you enter the posture you can utilize your hand to help move and turn the inner organs, traverse the leg and place your hand on the floor and achieve the top arm straight up. Protract the side body and concentrate more on the lift and extending instead of the turn.
  4. Take Adho Mukha Svasasana – Downward Facing Dog Pose between the swings to balance out and extend the spine and inside organs. Take every one of the activities as before and make sure the stomach area is not grasping but rather totally casual which will permit it retreat actually. Diminish and unwind your face, jaw and tongue, permit the tongue to move into the lower sense of taste and it will likewise somewhat subside. Inhale here for five to ten breaths.
  5. Parivrtta Parsvakonasana Preperation – Revolved Extended Side Angel Pose Preparation: Enter this stance from Virabhadrasana II, rotate the back foot and swing to traverse as you did in the past posture yet now take the top arm over top of the head and turn upward and through the armpit. Squeeze well the back foot toe hills and lift from the curve of the foot up and through the heel. Press the back leg thigh back and open up the back of the leg. Protract the side body, step the back of the head back and simply like in the past variety concentrate on lifting and stretching. This is as yet considered a readiness as the irrevocability of the represent the back foot heel is down.

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