Why you should combine weight loss with physical activity ?


Many keep wondering why they aren’t losing weight. You can have the best diet plan for you for weight loss but still, you may be far behind your target of weight loss. Why so? It is because you would not have combined your weight loss with physical activity.

Here we have listed some physical activity which will help you reach your goal with ease: 

Add Cardio to your schedule: By adding cardiovascular exercises along with your diet you can easily reduce weight. The combination of diet and exercise can help you lose the most of your extra weight. Remember that by adding cardio to your plan you are only making your weight loss quicker. Every day for about 30 minutes do cardio exercises and follow this. As the day passes increase the intensity and there one day you can happily look in the mirror and pat your back. Cardio always increases your stamina and power.

Make a note of what you eat throughout the day, it will help you to calculate how much calories you are taking in and how much you are burning. In case you don’t lose weight you can look out your food track with the notes so that you can make some changes and reschedule to the best plan than previous one.

Add High Intensity Interval Training: Also called as HIIT, this is also a type of cardio exercise. This will help you to speed up your weight loss journey and help you to achieve quicker result. HIIT workouts will increase your heart rate low to high. This kind of exercise will keep your metabolic rate high and reduce more fat. An example of a HIIT routine like sprinting for 1 minute, followed by 2 minutes of a jog repeated 2-4 times or as many as you’re able to do.

Strength Training: Strength training is another best exercise for best weight loss result. It will keep weight under control and will last for long period of time. This won’t burn more calories like cardio workouts but it will burn the fat and build muscle mass. It will increase metabolic rate. Include at least 3-5 days of strength training each week. Work each major muscle group and spend at least 30 minutes doing these activities.



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