5 Super Foods To Reduce The Risk Of Cancer


Cancer is a dreaded disease. There are only few cancers where the disease can be completely cured. But this disease can be prevented to some extent and kept at bay by following a healthy lifestyle and by having foods which can reduce the risk of cancer.

With an intention to make our readers aware on some of the best foods which has the power to fight cancer, LifeView has compiled the following list. These foods have the power to fight cancer.

Walnuts1) Walnut :

The outer shell of walnut resembles a human skull. When the outer shell is removed, we can see the kernel, which resemble a human brain. While other nuts too have some properties which fight cancer, walnut is known for its anti-inflammatory qualities which comes from its polyphenols and phytochemicals. Studies have revealed that walnuts help fight prostate and breast cancer. Researches say that regular consumption of walnuts prevent the growth of breast tumours.


Garlic Cancer2) Garlic :

Nutrient-rich bulb garlic always have a special place in the Indian kitchen. The Sulphur component-Allicin present in the bulb has the power to prevent cell damage. Garlic is known to stimulate digestive power. It has the power to prevent cancer developing in the digestive organs like esophagus and colon by stopping cancer cell growth.


Cabbage3) Cabbage :

We know many who skip their meal, if they have to eat a cabbage dish for the meal. They may start having cabbage, if they come to know that the chemicals in cabbage has the power to prevent cancer. The sulphur based component -Glucosinolate is known for anti-cancer properties.



4) Kidney Beans :

This high-fiber red-colored beans are popularly known as RajmaKidney-beans in Hindi. Kidney beans fall under the most neglected food category, as we do not have this food often in our dishes. If helps fight free radicals in our body. Studies have found out that kidney beans helps in fighting prostate and colon cancers.



Tomato5) Tomato :

It is an integral part of many foods in Indian cuisine. May be our ancestors would have included this super food knowing the health benefits of tomotoes. The lycopene content present in tomatoes help fight cancer. It has the power to reduce tumour growth.



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