What do you mean by dry and repeated orgasm?


Majority of young men are capable of repeated orgasms in short period of time. Individuals who have shorter recovery time between orgasms can have repeated orgasms either through sex or through masturbation within a brief period. During repeated orgasm, your organs could run out of semen stock due to the less time for the production of this fluid.

Even though the individual could feel the penile contractions during orgasm but no semen may come out of the organ. But after few hours of rest after the semen fluid is restored the dry orgasm gets resolved.

Then what is a retrograde ejaculation?

In few cases of dry orgasm even if the semen is produced it goes back into the urinary bladder instead of going forwards and come out of the penis. The semen comes out after it gets mixed with the urine and comes out. This type of semen release is called as retrograde ejaculation. It is experienced as a result of some medications or underlying health condition. But it is also seen as a result of procedures like prostatectomy, treating enlarged prostates, prostate radiation and others.

In also some cases due to reasons like genetic or anatomical abnormalities in the reproductive organ, it may not be able to produce enough semen to ejaculate. This is seen in men whose seminal vesicles are removed and in those who are suffering from cases like prostate cancer.

When should you worry and consult a doctor?

Majority of the cases relating to dry orgasms are not really harmful if the causes for it are like repeated masturbation or indulging in sex in short interval of time as semen will be automatically restored after a short period of time. But if it is not due to the above causes, then you may have to consult an expert and get the problem rectified to prevent you from trouble.



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