Stop presenting people who stammer to draw laughs:Bangalore-based SAMVAAD


In most of the films, it is common to see people who stammer and become target of jokes. Bangalore-based NGO Samvaad Speech and Hearing Institute has demanded this age old practice to be done away from now on. To create awareness about this, Samvaad on Sunday organised a walkathon demanding the appropriate portrayal of stammering or stuttering.

Founder and directed of Samvaad, Ms Radhika Poovayya, have been in the field of speech and hearing for the last 30 years.

“I have been closely associated with patients with speech impairments and have been an audience to their struggle. Why the fact that stutterers are does looked down upon affect me? Why do I and my institute want to bring about a change in the perception about stuttering? Why do I want to bring about an acceptance in people? Because I know the pain a stutterer goes through. The mental turmoil of not being able to communicate properly, something so basic that is easily doable by everyone around” she said.

“I feel as professionals we have to work towards clearing the misconceptions associated with stuttering in our society” Ms Radhika said and added “Stammering has no relation to any environmental factor and is not a sign of poor parenting or lack of self-confidence and most importantly it’s not anyone’s fault. It’s a speech difficulty that results in involuntary spasms that make the person repeat syllables or prevent him from speaking for a few seconds. Speech therapy techniques can help control these spasms.”

Since movies are a mirror of society; it’s a shame that even to this date we have movies in which a person with a speech difficulty is shown as a weak character .He is brought in the scene to  elicit a few laughs, Ms Radhika laments.

 I felt it’s time we put an end to this .We have started  a petition to The Ministry of information and broadcasting to stop portraying any character with stammering or any speech defect in poor light. I am filing this petition to ensure an accurate portrayal of disabilities in movies and TV serials in our country and to prevent insensitive and inaccurate picturisation, she said.

On behalf of Samvaad she request people to render support in all possible ways to help us their goal of 10000 signatures. Like and share the campaign with maximum number of people.sign petition on


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