Here’re 4 Easy and Simple Tips to Stay Slim and Healthy Too


Slimming down and reduces all those extra fat isn’t any easy for many. They assume that they have become fat only by eating and go on fasting. They stop eating hoping that it will help them reduce weight. This is a wrong method of losing weight. It isn’t healthy.

Here we have listed down 4 simple tips to stay slim and healthy too….

Before you start using a machine calculate your Body Mass Index also called as BMI. It will show to whether you are underweight or overweight. World Health Organisation too recommends BMI calculation. If your BMI indicate that you are overweight than follow these tips:

  1. Know when your belly is full: While some take 5 chappatis to fill their stomach, some reach that filling with just 2 or 3 chappatis. So you know better about your stomach capacity than any. The mantra here is to stop eating when your stomach is 80 percent full. Say for example, if you are capable to eating 8 idlis, stop at 5 or 6 idlis. That is when your stomach will be 80 percent full.
  2. Go slow while eating: You might have heard the proverb, “Slow and Steady Always Wins the Race”. This applies to eating too. Do not rush with your food. Always have it slowly and chew the food properly so that is helps proper digestion.
  3. Eat when hungry: We have this habit of always eating something or the other. While travelling, at movies, while watching TV, while shopping, we keep eating one or the other thing. Either we take a cup of coffee with us or have sugary drinks. All these help increase your body weight as you will be ending up consuming more calories. So have food only when you are hungry.
  4. Stop eating after 8pm: Even manmade machines need some service and rest. So stop eating food after 8pm. Whatever your add to your stomach after 8pm, remember that you are simply abusing your body. Especially the wonderful organ called as Liver takes a severe beating when you keep eating food at 8pm. You may not know the after effects of this immediately but certainly you will suffer in the long run according to nutritionists.

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