Step by step procedure and benefits of Utthita Padasana


The extension is Utthi + idham+padam+asanam. Utthi implies stomach. Idham implies security. This asana will assurance for the stomach. Lying prostrate with legs straight, raise both legs is called Utthita Padasana. It is anything but difficult to see, however, is significantly more advantages. We need to investigate method and advantages of utthita Padasana.

The concentration of breath: When lifting the legs breathe in inhale, ordinary inhale while doing this asana and turn out the legs breathes out relax.  This is a basic asana and gives more advantage. Focus well while doing this asana like a move then you can get a decent vibe.

Lie back on the tangle. Put both hands side the thighs ought to be kept straight. At that point put the hands close to the posterior. Breathe in profoundly and raise the legs to 45 degree. Be in this state for 10 seconds. Gradually breathe out the breath and put the legs straight. Again do the asana for three to four cycles.  Some individual can’t lift the legs for 10 seconds their legs will shudder. They can lessen the time toward the starting stage, and after that step by step increment the time.

Somebody will lift the legs for 20 to 30 seconds. They need to maintain a strategic distance from by doing quite a while rather than those they can build one more cycle. Somebody can’t lift two legs in the meantime. They can lift one leg at an extend and after that accomplish for the following leg. This asana is named as Eagapatha Utthanasanam.

Subsequent to rehearsing they can lift the two legs at an extend. The advantages given these two asanas are same. Be that as it may, by lifting two legs at any given moment, the honed people can get the outcomes quick.

Physical advantages of utthita Padasana

  • This asana invigorates and enhance the assimilation and make the processing framework working viably. The vitality which is changed over from the sustenance is completely sucked by the body. We can get the fortify nerves of legs which is called Idai and Pingala.
  • By doing this asana we can dispose of the hip torment. It reinforces the thigh muscles. It clears the injuries and crevices on feet. The general population who is having heaps issue can overcome and can get recuperation by doing this asana for six times.
  • This asana enhances and adjust the blood dissemination since more than 700 circulatory systems are associated with the tummy catch which will get a warm weight. So every one of the parts in our body will get great blood flow. All the stomach related issues like loose bowels, gas arrangement and heartburn can be cured by doing this asana. Overabundance fat from guts will be diminished and reinforces the uterus.
  • Urinary bladder initiated and functions admirably. It’s great asana for youthful understudies in light of the fact that the maintenance will be persuaded.
  • The pregnant ladies ought not do the asanas. The ladies who are having knowledge in asanas can do this asana for four to five months.



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