Super seeds and their health benefits according to Ayurveda


The super seeds specified beneath might be little, be that as it may, they are gigantic in their healthful esteem. Give us a chance to investigate the numerous medical advantages of these basic super seeds and their ayurvedic utilizes, and decide how best we can join them in our customary eating routine.

Flaxseeds -Flaxseeds, otherwise called linseeds, are a rich wellspring of dietary fiber, Omega-3 unsaturated fats, and rich in cell reinforcements, builds great cholesterol levels (HDL) and brings down awful cholesterol (LDL), aside from advancing fruitfulness, diminishing clogging, enhancing resistance and counteracting growth.  Flaxseeds are being utilized as a part of Ayurvedic arrangements for a very long time now, because of their remedial properties. Seeds and oil of the plant are utilized for their therapeutic esteem. Flaxseeds are known to build volume of pee, are valuable in treatment of respiratory issue, helpful for colds, hacks, sore throat, and pneumonic dissensions. Ayurvedic medications propose imbuement made by dousing 30gms of powdered seeds overnight in a glass of water, and can be given with limejuice to treat tuberculosis with helpful outcomes.

Ayurveda additionally recommends that the seeds are useful in treatment of gonorrhea, aggravation of genito-urinary organs, cystitis, nephritis, when taken as tea drearily. Ayurvedic doctors suggest hot poultice of flaxseed oil in treating dermatitis and other skin issue.  Be that as it may, it is to be noted here that flaxseeds are warmth delivering, and thus it ought to be utilized under the direction of an Ayurvedic doctor.  To incorporate them in your eating routine, ground flaxseeds are the best, as they are effectively edible. You could crush them in little amounts and store in a sealed shut holder and expend them rapidly, as they have a short time span of usability. They can be added to yogurt, cereal, entire wheat flour, pastries or shakes.

Sesame Seeds – The sesame seeds have nutritive, healing and preventive properties. The copper content present in them offers help from rheumatoid joint inflammation, while magnesium display in the seeds enhances cardiovascular wellbeing and lung working, anticipates headaches and osteoporosis.

Sesame seeds are utilized as a part of the treatment strategies and treatments of Ayurveda. From an Ayurvedic point of view, the sesame seed is sweet, astringent, impactful, intense, and has warming impact. Sesame seed oil frame an essential piece of Ayurvedic back rubs, because of their quieting, supporting and warming impact. A self-rub with sesame oil advances physical quality, sustains muscles and bones, betters joint development. In Ayurveda, Sesame seed oil is an inescapable element for Panchakarma treatments. Further, as indicated by Ayurvedic doctors, it advances sound rest, reinforces brains and sensory system, in this manner feeding hair and skin.  Sesame seeds can be devoured by adding to plunges. They can likewise be added to vegetables, chicken, garlic, ginger and soy sauce or incorporated into bread and biscuits.

Sunflower Seeds – They are an astounding wellspring of vitamin E, kills free radicals and avert asthma, rheumatoid joint pain, and osteoarthritis. The high magnesium content in them helps in circulatory strain administration, cerebral pains and headaches, and advancing sound teeth and bones.  The advantages of sunflower seeds are bounty including controlling cell harm, in this manner avoiding tumor, because of the nearness of selenium. Ayurveda says, sunflower seeds help decrease aggravation, helps in cholesterol administration, and enhances detoxification.

Sunflower seeds are best put away in icebox. They can be added to plates of mixed greens, fried eggs, or in hot or icy oats. Pounding a container or two of sunflower seeds in a sustenance processor with lemon juice and garlic, makes a delightful nutty spread to help your insusceptible framework. They say, quarter measure of sunflower seeds a day, keeps heart inconveniences away.


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