Can Yoga cure Tinnitus ?


There is a buzz around Yoga. Of late the buzz around the ancient science yoga is becoming big and louder. People are looking at yoga for various disorders. But does yoga have a solution for Tinnitus?

Yoga upgrades the flow of blood all through the body. It has the capacity to diminish anxiety.  The ancient science empowers the organs, evacuates toxins from the body and also ensures the body against any foreign element. It brings down cholesterol and keeps one fit and healthy. Experts say that yoga helps fight Tinnitus. It offers restorative help to cure tinnitus.

Trikonasana: This asana right away sends a spout of new blood to your head and neck. Muscles around there are casual, and it is conceivable that you will in a flash vibe your ears pop and open up. This lessens or totally ends the ringing sounds.

Hand To Big Toe Pose-This is another asana that permits a repulsive force stream of blood to your head. It gets out unwanted toxins in the head and neck and unwinds your being. You feel revived and empowered right away. The stream of blood to your take cleans up every one of the pieces in your ears, nose, and throat.

Adho Mukha Svanasana-This asana protracts the spine as it fortifies the entire body. The dissemination of blood is upgraded all through the body. Cholesterol is decreased, and poisons are gotten out. Your head (ears, nose, and throat) is worked upon and oxygenated through this asana.

Gomukhasana- It unwinds the body. It upgrades the dissemination of blood. It helps decrease cholesterol. When you sit erect in this position, your throat chakra is worked upon. With customary practice, this helps reduce Tinnitus.


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