Union Budget makes the right allocation to eradicate Tuberculosis


By: Dr NK Venkataramana, Founder & Chief Neurosurgeon, Brains Neuro Spine Centre, Bengaluru

The Government’s idea to launch the National Healthcare Protection Scheme is a fundamental move. This is the first time ever that any government has taken up such an important step. Largely, general health of the people is a neglected aspect of the budget, but this budget brings a lot of hope for the common man. Also, expression of an idea to expand the universal health coverage is a very good move.

About tuberculosis, it’s time that we eradicate. One of the reasons that TB is coming back, again and again, is poor compliance, people fail to take their complete treatment. So government providing the treatment cost is one best way to make the country free from TB.

Another interesting announcement is about the coming up of medical colleges in every three parliamentary constituencies. I only hope that they are distributed in rural areas and not just focussed in cities. We need a relook on the way medical colleges are built. They should not just be built to fulfill the criteria’s but maintaining the standards of education is important.

Meanwhile, allocation of funds to build smart cities is a very good move, and particularly Bangalore getting budget allocation for the metro. Smart cities, if they are planned really well then we can get a healthy city rather than a healthy city, which is pollution free, contamination free, having proper water drainage and good roads. All these can ensure of cities free of communicable diseases, pollution free, avoidance of accidents and overall development.

Overall it is an encouraging budget, only thing is it needs to be executed well.


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