Will Too Much Vitamin C Hurt the Liver?


Vitamin C is one of the commonly available vitamins. Vitamin C is a water-dissolvable vitamin, and this implies your body disposes of what it doesn’t utilize. Hence, it is uncommon to create genuine symptoms from a lot of vitamin C.

Taking an exorbitant sum can prompt stomach disturb, however vitamin C is not known to hurt your liver. In any case, check with your medicinal services supplier before adding this or any vitamin to your eating routine or supplement regimen.

Your body relies on vitamin C for advancement and development, and it likewise needs it for tissue repair. This vitamin helps in the generation of collagen, mending wounds and keeping up your teeth and bones. It additionally goes about as a cell reinforcement, which averts the harm that free radicals can cause in your cells, and in this manner may help keep certain malignancies and illnesses. Men require 90 mg a day, and ladies require 75 mg. Great sources incorporate oranges, peppers, watermelon, grapefruit, tomatoes, potatoes, blueberries and pineapple.

An excess of Vitamin C-When a vitamin is water-dissolvable, this implies your body dispenses with what it doesn’t use through your pee, and along these lines, the abundance is not put away. Since your body can’t store vitamin C, it is about inconceivable for you to overdose on it, and it is not liable to hurt your liver or different organs. The bearable maximum utmost of vitamin C has been set at 2,000 mg for each day, notes MedlinePlus, and this is to a great extent since high measurements can cause looseness of the bowels or different sorts of stomach related bombshell.

Too Little Vitamin C-Because vitamin C is water-dissolvable, this additionally implies you have to ceaselessly supply your body with additional to abstain from getting to be plainly insufficient. Many individuals may have a mellow lack of this vitamin, and a portion of the side effects incorporate a traded off insusceptible framework, draining gums, nosebleeds, unexpected weight increase, harsh skin, swollen joints and dry hair. On the off chance that you turn out to be seriously insufficient in vitamin C, you may build up a condition known as scurvy, however this is uncommon in the created world.

On the off chance that you take vitamin C supplements, talk about this with your specialist before doing as such, as it might cooperate with specific conditions and prescriptions. Since vitamin C improves your body’s capacity to ingest press, you ought not take a supplement on the off chance that you have hemochromatosis, and individuals with kidney issues ought to talk about their utilization of vitamin C with their human services supplier too. Additionally know that vitamin C has a diuretic impact, and it is hence fundamental that you drink enough water while taking it to forestall lack of hydration. In the event that you encounter any symptoms from vitamin C or suspect an issue with the working of your liver, look for therapeutic consideration.


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