Five Benefits of Walking in Winter


It is freezing cold outside. We never wish to step out the bed but bury ourselves with thick blankets and continue sleeping. But recent studies have unearthed the immense health benefits of going for a winter walk.

Below is the list of benefits one can derive by walking in winter

  1. Boost your brain: The fitter your legs are, the fitter will be your brain. Increased levels of walking in winter season help boost your brain. For individuals who are aged and are more prone to brain degeneration, walking in winter is an excellent remedy both for the body and the mind.
  2. Winter walking is better than a gym: Yes you read the title right. Those who walk regularly in winter is said to have a lower body mass index and smaller waist than those who take part in gymming.
  3. You can reduce the risk of heart disease and osteoporosis: Catch the glimpse of sun this winter. You can boost the Vitamin D levels in your body through sun exposure. After all, Vitamin D is vital for maintaining a healthy heart and bone health. It is also good for the joints as walking prevents stiffness and swelling.
  4. Speed up Cancer recovery: By walking a mile every day you can easily reduce the risk of breast cancer by 40 percent. Individuals who are suffering from prostate cancer can reduce the risk by almost one third by regular walking. A twenty-minute brisk walk is all you need to significant chances of your early death. Better walk instead of using your luxury cars and sports bike for every single need.
  5. Beats depression: There is nothing that could beat your stress and enhance your mood like walking in winter. The chilly weather and the glimpse of sunrise will definitely alleviate your mood and make you forget things which have been bothering you.

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